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Hi everyone, I am looking for a new motherboard. I was wondering if there is a motherboard that supports AM2+, AM3, DDr2 and DDR3. Im fairly sure this doesnt exist. but I figured i would ask anyways. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Never heard of one. The key is the processor........that is where the memory controller is......What are the details of your situation, maybe we can offer some suggestions?
  2. Thanks, well i just got this processor, so that is one thing that i do not want to upgrade. but i want to be able to upgrade to an am3 processor maybe a year from now or so. but i also want faster ram. So... i was thinking of just getting a nice am2+ mobo that supports really fast ddr2 ram, or get an am2/am3 mobo so i can upgrade easily in the future.
  3. Well, unfortunately you can't have it both ways. I am kind of stuck in your shoes as well with a AM2+ processor and DDR2 memory. When I upgrade next, I'll have to change it all.
    You can use an AM3 processor with DDR2 or DDR3 memory. But a AM2+ processor will only work with DDR2 memory.
    An AM3 processor will work in a AM3 or AM2+ board.
    An AM2+ processor will only work in an AM2+ board.
  4. eesh, we are in quite a pickle (hahaha). so i cant do anything without upgrading my cpu? would it be worth it to just get a nice am2+ mobo?
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    If you have an AM2+ processor, that is what you will have to get. Now, be aware that the boards are advertised as AM2+/AM3 boards. meaning they will accept either processor, but they only have DDR2 memory slots.
    Only true AM3 boards have DDR3 memory slots, and they will only work with AM3 processors.
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