Which Air Cooler For i7 Rig

Hi all

I have the following components and all i need now is the cooler in order to Oc

Asus Rampage Extreme III
Intel i7 930
Corsair 850W HX Modular PSU
CORSAIR 6GB DDR3 1600MHZ T-CHANNEL KIT with Corsair Dominator Airflow Fan CMXAF2

Im looking to buy a HD6790 soon, so please guys which i7 Cooler shall i buy,im looking to Oc :love:
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  1. Stock cooler is great, silent and effective. If you gonna invest in something, speacilly in order to OC, then go liquid cooling. Period.
  2. Silver arrow / Noctua NHD-14 or if you like water get Corsair H 100 is good choice
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