EVGA X58 SLi 3X Classified 760 - CPU Power Connection

I know that the Board has DUAL 8-pin +12v connectors to feed the processor for overclocking, with ~600w of power available. 3 Questions

1. I'm want to OC to about 4GHz (Stock EE975@3.3) - Should I connect additional power? (how exactly do I go about finding the power draw of the CPU anyway without using a meter on the board - does CPUZ, etc accurate measure that?

2. If I do plug in additional power, can I use a 4-pin connector? My power supply, despite being 1600w, doesn't have Dual 8-pin connections. I had heard that you could plug the 4-pin into the 8-pin slot regardless without issue.

3. Will feeding the CPU power it doesn't draw have any adverse effect? (heat, overvolting, etc.)

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  1. 1. you don't have connect additional ppower just raise the clock and if the processor isn't stable, increase the voltage being sent to the CPU you don't have to add any extra plugs

    and yes CPU-z is useful for measuring the amount of energy the CPU is taking

    2.no extra power needed, and you don't need a 1600 watt PSU

    a 750 or 800 should be enough

    3. if you overvolt the CPU it will become instable and extremely hot and also you might fry the CPU rendering it unusable

    do only increase the voltage in small increments

    like from 1.53 to 1.55 not in big steps

    you have to be delicate with these things
  2. Well ok, are you saying that in direct reference to the fact that I only want a 4GHz clock? Obviously the fact that there exist 2 connectors does imply they could be useful...

    Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding a basic principle, I'm not all that familiar with such hardware concepts - but at what level of overclocking then, would you want to use the full power connectivity?

    I had been interested in know whether I'd have a more stable overclock (even at 4Ghz which I understand isn't that taxing) if I connected both.
  3. it wouldn't make much of a difference

    if you just up the multiplier to where you want it, and the processor has good temps under load and idle (for an EE975- around 35-38 idle and 50-55 under load) then you can keep it there

    if not then change the voltage or add an aftermarket cooler
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