Assembled my first PC. (question about fans)

People have already helped me with this, but I'm just checking.

Right now I have both case fans connected to the molex cables, but not the mobo, so they are running full speed. There's only 1 3-pin connection in the mobo. So what I need to do is daisy chain them like someone told me here, and then use one of the 3 pin connectors and connect it to the mobo? If so, which 3 pin connector? the one that belongs to the bigger rear fan? Has to be cause the front 3 pin connector won't reach the mobo.

Once they are chained together, I only make one molex connection to the PSU right?

Or that's totally wrong and I should just connect one to the molex cable and have no fan speed control over that one (front fan) and connect the big rear one to the mobo and have fan control for that one.

Again, even if connected to the mobo, it still needs the PSU molex connection right?
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  1. The mobo will provide the power for the fan if it's plugged into the 3 pin socket. I only plug one fan in per mobo 3 pin socket. The case fans plugged into the molex sockets will run at full speed unless you rewire them or use a fan controller. You can check "fan control" on newegg for different options.
  2. I've seen such experiments end up with fried circuits on the mobo, so I wouldn't recommend it. You should connect one of them to the board (the one which would benefit more from speed control), and the other one to molex for full speed.

    After the fan is connected to the motherboard there is no need for molex to be connected. Doing so may damage your board.
  3. Ok. Thanks. I tried putting the comp on sleep mode, and I could still hear the fans on. Does this mean that the front fan, the one I'm leaving connected to the molex, will remain on like that on sleep mode? And only the other one will shut down?
  4. The fan that's connected to the molex will continue at full speed, the fan that's connected to the mobo will run at a reduced speed. If you want to be able to turn the fans to low speed or off when it's in sleep mode you'll have to use some type of controller. You'll also want to monitor your temperatures using something like CPUID hardware monitor or speedfan or other program.
  5. Ok. Thanks.
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