Advice on Wireless router for gaming 3 story house with 4 CPUS & 360?

My kids are really heavily into gaming...yes even my girls. So I have got the fastest connection from cox and my dlink wireless G aint cutting it, especially only putting out 54mps. I would like a good suggestion to what GREAT router can help me out here. I would like any advice I can get here. Please let me know. 1 girl on maplestory, another on club penguin, buildabear or pop tropica, son on xbox360 live Call of Duty 4 and either my wife or myself TRYING to surf the net, feels like i am on dial up most of the time lol. Thanks in advanced guys.
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  1. I am not sure that the router is the issue. At 54Mbps you would be getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.75 Megabytes per second through it. You should check to see if you are getting this from your cable ISP? One way to check is with This will tell you where your choke point might be. You didn't mention if any of the other users (your son or daugheters) are experiencing the same effect or if it is just you and your wife. Are all the systems wired to the router or are some wireless?
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