Heat issues with Phenom IIx4 955BE

I am having difficulty keeping low temps on this cpu. I have OC'd it to 3.5 as of yesterday, and it runs stable at 61c at full load. Not ideal temps in my mind at all. Idle temps are around 43c, and the ambient temp in the room is roughly 24c. Everything is working properly as far as HSF, chassis fans, and previous OC'd of my 555BE ran at max load 46c as a dual core. I do realize there is a difference in wattage of appr. 45W, but this still does not seem normal for my system specs. They are listed as follows:

Case: HAF X (2nd 200mm top fan installed)
HSF: Zalman 9900
MoBo: Sabertooth 990fx
CPU: Phenom IIx4 955BE
GPU: ASUS GTX560 (OC'd to 950 stable)
RAM: Kingston HYPER X Black Edition 8GB (2x4) OC'd to 1444
HDD: Hitachi 1.5TB 64Mb cache 7200 RPM
PSU: Corsair HX750W 80 Plus Silver Certified
Thermal Grease: Arctic Silver MX-2

With this setup, i was expecting at least low temps on my (imo) minimal OC attempt. I have v-core running on auto on my mobo (1.42v i believe), and i have my hsf running at full rpm's. Thermal paste is to a minimum, but nowhere near not enough, as it is adequately covering the whole span of both the HSF and the CPU chip. I have had many ideas as to a "lemon" cpu that is just not a good OC chip, to there could be a pin bent (checking today). I am absolutely clueless, and would love to get some better options if there are any.

Please no references to "are your fans pointed the correct way" or "the HSF is not mounted correctly". Believe me, they are.

Other things to take into account. I have tried Cool n' Quiet both enabled & disabled, and there is minimal changes (+/- 3c). Also, when OC'd to 4.0GHz (first time since i figured my cooling could handle it), i had a max temp of 91c that was not finished climbing, as i manually stopped Prime95 before my computer exploded. This was represented using both Cool Temp AND SpeedFan apps. Call me crazy, but i thought that CPU's had an "auto shut-off" once the chip reached a dangerous or unstable temp (i thought around 70c). I am concerned that this chip is going to totally fry one day, and am wondering if i should just return it for a new one.
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  1. What voltage are you using for that overclock?
  2. ugh...thank god i got your attention. some of these people on here make it hard to get answers. voltage, i believe, was on auto. I haven't checked since i put the 955 in, but the 555 ran a 1.42v. I believe this is a c3 series cpu.
  3. That's your problem, "Auto" means for BIOS set the voltage to max for get stability and that voltage is usually more high than you really need.

    Go to your BIOS and change the CPU voltage from "Auto" to something like 1.3V and test the rig for stability with LinX or prim95 for two hours.
  4. will do. now, another question. Instability would cause Prime95 to crash or the computer to reboot, correct? i can run Prime95 until my temps approach 90c, and it will continue to run, even though the temps are still rising! This is confusing, as i thought cpu's had safety implements in place to protect for overheating. Is this high voltage the main probable cause? or will this just make sure that the voltage is set correctly?
  5. Your temps should not go above 55ºC or you can have problems in future with your CPU, for instability prime95 stops to run or for both Linx and prim95 the rig can show BSoD.
  6. ok. as of now, stock presets reach 56c with prime95. should i return the cpu?
  7. Are your fan cooler running?
  8. yes...manually max on HSF, and all chassis fans are running. ambient temps are appr. 24c
  9. Download coretemp and let me know the VID and temps that your get there.
  10. coretemp is downloaded. are you talking gpu temps? idle they are at 42c, and full load 61c. otherwise, i will have to wait until i get home to look at it if this is not what you meant.
  11. No, I mean CPU temps.

    Coretemp give you the VID and temps of your CPU.
  12. explain VID then. im not sure what you mean...
  13. VID = Voltage ID, the real voltage that you CPU is using.
  14. ahhh, ok. i will check when i get home. will you be on still in about 2 1/2 hours?
  15. Where are your from?
  16. Eastern U.S.
  17. Don't worry I'll be here when you arrive to your home.
  18. sweet. ill check my settings when i get home, and probably change the voltage in the BIOS. as soon as i get it to around 1.32v, ill log onto my account, and send you a copy of sll the information.
  19. If you are there, i think im ready. i reset some things in the bios. my VID 1.4000V, revision is a RB-C3, i am running at 3.901GHz (216.74x18). at 100% load, i am running stable at 58c-59c. Not great, but compared to my last set of numbers, its acceptable. Idle is between 34c-36c.
  20. Good temps and overclock, try to lower the CPU voltage a little more to get low temps.
  21. gonna run a quick Prime95. As of now, max temp is at 61C, but does not stay there for long. hovering at 60 after about 30 minutes now. i will lower cpu volts after this run. If successful, are you still running/updating the AMD OC club on here? I'd LOVE to join!!!
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    Yeah, go ahead and join us to the OC Club.
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