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I'm considering buying a new hard drive to use as a system disk. Can't afford a big enough SSD just yet, so I want to get the best drive for a reasonable price.
I'm choosing between:
Any suggestions?
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  1. All these drives are manufactured by the same company there isn't much room for differences, especially when some of those drives are the same model just with a differing capacity.

    Additionally "best" is vague measure. Do you mean in terms of performance, reliability, size?
  2. Performance & reliability(are most important), the size & price are all a factor. I listed just WD drives 'cause I never had any problems with them & have been using them for years, but I have heard good things about the Samsung Spinpoint F3 too.
  3. Get the (WD5001AALS) if you have a SATA II mb.
    And get the (WD5002AALX) if you have a SATA III mb.
  4. Which one has the highest platter density & how many platters?
    Also, if someone has a suggestion on HDD other what has already been listed, it would be very welcome.
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