Update @ Livin-It-Up July 2, 2005

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Update July 2, 2005

As always, welcome to another Livin-It-Up update!

Knowing of course our audience and even staff aren't purely American, and it
may not be a day of celebration for all, even so, for many it is,
Independence day. No, not the lame "sky is falling" movie, the US holiday.
See, I was a bit shocked this morning, my daughter mentioned the 4th of
July, commented on fireworks here, fireworks there, etc. etc. First
impression, I found this typical for a child. Later I mentioned Independence
day to which her reply was "When's that?". Somewhere along the line, I, but
also to a great extent the schools have failed greatly. Christmas became
present day, Veterans day became parade day, and Independence day became the
fourth of July, fireworks day. Sadly, there seems no appreciation or
understanding that the freedoms(hold your opinions and I will mine) under
which we live today are our right only due to the serious price paid by
those who've gone before us. Yes, Independence day is a day of great
celebration of the very principal of independence, but also a day of
remembrance of the cost.

To the content of the update...

First up, and a first at that, first for us at least, Bluegenie2 came up
with some great new roof texture options for Sims2. A variety of fifteen new
textures for this update, wood, metal, thatch and other styles. For short
term purposes you'll find these in the Sims2 objects section listed under
build(or obviously the current update), we'll eventually find a home for
them in their own section.

To the delight of fans of Mattel's© Barbie©, Asif offers a great new Sims2
bedroom set for the young ladies, or young at heart. In classic Barbie©
pinks and purples, fan or not, it's a truly cute bedroom set for the gals.
You'll even find a few matching children's outfits in the skins section also
by Asif.

Continuing in the Sims2 skins section, of course we've mentioned the Barbie©
outfits, also by Asif, some great outfits for the boy toddlers including a
variety of "boyish" logos, sports, autos, and even Harley Davidson©.
KelinRose adds her own touches to the skins section with skirts for the
gals, slacks for the guys, in deep red with sizes for a variety of age

Bluegenie2 finishes us up with some great Sims2 walls and floors, some
gorgeous light wood windows and doors, and a small decorative table with
scenic mountain printed table top.

We thank our benefactors and supporters who continue to make this possible
and do hope you all enjoy our site as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Please have a happy, but foremost safe holiday weekend.

Till next time,
The Staff,

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    On Sat, 02 Jul 2005 22:59:27 GMT, "Cravze - Livin-It-Up.net"
    <cravze@liu> wrote:

    >As always, welcome to another Livin-It-Up update!

    Very nice roofs... downloaded a bunch :-)
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