Monitor loses signal periodically.

Hey guys, let me get a couple of opinions. First off, system specs.

Athlon x2 5200+
2gb ddr 667 ram
Galaxy 9600gt(factory overclocked version).
PSU is an Ultra LSP 650 watt with 38 amps on the 12v+ rail, should be more than enough for this rig.

I run the stock cpu cooler, and for cooling, I have a 250 mm side intake fan, exhaust fan, as well as pci slot cooling fan underneath the 9600gt. Typcially the card itself idles a little under 40 degrees celcius. CPU typcially stays in the 30's at idle. Pretty certain I've got more than enough juice considering that PSU. But was playing a game recently, and after a couple hours of playing, the monitor lost signal, note the pc did not lock up, it came back after adjusting the cable. Still had sound, etc. Just weird though, as I've not seen this issue before on this machine, and honestly this pc is not used that much, the occasional game here and there.

The monitor is a 22 inch hanns g, with vga and hdmi inputs. I only have a vga cable, so it's being connected via a dvi-vga adapter coming off one of the dvi ports on the 9600, and into the vga input. Aside from of course the cable being possibly loose, is there anything else that could cause this issue? Fault of the adapter maybe? Would it be better to maybe get hold of a dvi-->hdmi cable to run straight into the monitor and skip the adapter altogether? Thanks for the input. Again, not a huge deal, but would be nice to know so I can correct it.
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  1. Well, didn't get any input but that's ok, I figured it out. So in case anyone else runs into this, they know what to look for. In my case, the pc resides in my basement. However, when the house was wired, the only 2 outlets in the computer room were put on the opposite wall of where I wanted the computer. So my setup was to have an 18 guage cord running along the ceiling(open ceiling, so could just string it through the rafters, a little ghetto maybe, but effective). Apparently, that one cord was not enough to pull everything.

    The fix was that I decided to buy a new 16 guage cord, and am currently running only the pc on that cord, and everything else(the lcd, printer, speakers will all be plugged into a power strip attached to the 18 guage cord). However, so far so good. So apparently I was pulling more juice than what the physical cable was capable of handling. But if anyone else runs into this issue, first check all power connections, then the power supply. My guess is you will find your problems in those areas.
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