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I've recently splashed out on a new computer, trying to build it myself, I've got an i7 with an x58 rampage asus motherboard, and two GTX 295 graphics cards,

Having spent 10 hours building it, I eagerly pressed the 'on' button to hear all the fans start up, all the relevant lights on the P.C flash up, except for the most important light - the monitor. I've tried to remove one of the 295's, have tried both in different places in the motherboard, have reset countless times and checked all the connections. I'm assuming this guarantees that BOTH 295's can't be faulty...
One worry is that there's no 'beep' when I turn on the P.C, in most of the guids I've read they account for multiple beeps and explain what error they imply but never mention no beep at all!

Anyone got any suggestions? Any help appreciated!
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  1. Did you change the BIOS to use the pci-e graphics card and is the 295 both the six and eight pin power connectors connected to the power supply. Which PSU did you buy?
  2. yes, make sure you have the power connectors to the video cards properly connected.
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