2x GTX285 in SLI vs. 1x GTX295

Following a thread that I've posted yesterday I learnt that if you SLI two cards you get more performance only if the application is designed to work in a SLI configuration.

How that works? :o What happens if I have a SLI configuration, but the application does not work in SLI? Will I be using only one card while second stays idle? Is there a way to "force" an application (game, photo or video editor, whatever) to recognize my second card as well? Or, how would I know if the application uses only one card or both?

(I am particularily speaking about SLI-ing 2 GTX285 vs. having 1 GTX295)
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  1. most dx10 configurations will utilise sli and 285 in sli will kill a 295 aka 275 sli
  2. http://tech-reviews.co.uk/news/asus-unveils-complete-range-of-graphics-cards/
  3. obsidian86 said:

    So the world's fastest card is built on a GTX285 GPU platform. And if I think, if you quad-SLI a GTX285, you get somewhere around that price too. This says a lot. A lot of things got clear for me now -- thanks! :bounce:
  4. actually quad sli 285 isn't as good it doesn scale after tri sli
  5. 3sli GTX285 is better vs QUADgtx295.

    3 SLI GTX285 with 4.0ghz I7 = awesome rig ( quite useless ;) )
  6. ^ I bet you dual EVGA CO-OP GTX 295 FTW's would beat triple GTX 285's.
  7. IF your using I7. 3 GTX285 OCed as well as the FTW GTX295 ..... 3SLI GTX285 still win ... guess why !
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