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hello I am overclocking a phenom 955 on an asus m5a97 using a hyper 212 cpu cooler. my voltage is 1.5V on the cpu and 1.2V on the north bridge. When I OC at 3.8GHZ and run prime 95, my pc does fine for 2 hours but after that one of the cores stops participating in the test( its usage goes to zero) My cpu temperature gets to around 55C. Is there anything I can do to boost the stability at this speed. Let me know.
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  1. phenom 955 OC at 3.8GHZ voltage is 1.5V is tooo high ... go default try OC again
    first of all you have to do without adding voltage OC only adds to the multiplier, CPU voltage manually set dibios and choose the smallest / +0.05 v. find the maximum clock speed with the lowest voltage.
  2. I did try the same overclock at 1.4V, but either both prime95 and AMD overdrive closed automatically at the beginning of the test, or one of the cores was removed from the stress test, again, that cores cpu usage went to zero while the other three remained at 100%. I stepped the voltage up by .03V stopping at 1.5V on the cpu and 1.2V on the northbridge after which the cpu lasted 2.5 hours in prime95 which was the longest it had lasted out of all trials. I have heard that overclocking the northbridge will help make things more stable, is that correct?
  3. DO NOT USE AMD OVERDRIVE FORGET IT ... you must learn this guide :

    also you must focus at CPU, let CPU NB voltage at auto and keep at 2000, many tweak in modle to high OC, for fisrt try in 3.4 Ghz without adding voltage !
  4. Theres a lovely Black edition guide at the top of this section, may want to check it out for hot tips :P
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