My a-data usb appeared as shared network place. but not anymore

i have usb a-data s805 16gb
i don't remember when it started, but my new USB didn't appeared as normal usb (all other USB appear as on this picture )

so my new usb a-data s805 appeared in shared network place (see this picture )

now the problem. I disconnected this shared network place. And now i can't get into usb. the weird thing is that i can't even on other PC. before this, i was able to(tried 5 PCs, winXP, win7 64bit)

additional info:
when i put this a-data into USB port, nothing happen. not any sound, it don't appear in disc manager.. just nothing

thanks for any help, in advance
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  1. Put the drive in your machine, open up Disk Management by right clicking My Computer and choosing Manage. If the device does not appear in this list it's totally bust.
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