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Only BIOS :(

Turned my computer on the other day and neither the hard drive or the CD drive are being detected. It tells me to insert boot device.
Thought maybe the SATA cables were bad and so replaced them. no change.
Tried different SATA port on the motherboard and no change.
Tried a Different Hard drive and no change.
Reset the BIOS down in the right corner ( cant remember the name of it ) no change
power is on. Computer can see all the ram ( except one , that ram socket stopped working a year ago ).

Whats up with my computer yo. Is the motherboard completely done for ?
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  1. Go into the bios and change the sata setting to "ide". Check the first section which lists your drives if the bios finds them. Set the boot order to cd>hardrive, save and exit.
  2. The BIOS detects no drives of any kind. :(
  3. Does your motherboard have an eSATA port? If yes, give that a shot.
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    I wonder if the BIOS is corrupted. It sounds like the kind of thing that could happen if it was.

    I would see if you can flash the BIOS from a bootable USB stick (assuming you have a boot from USB option that you can enable). There are instructions for that readily available online.

    It is kind of troubling that one of the RAM slots apparently went bad. That could be an indicator that the motherboard itself is just gradually tanking. Or, of course, maybe that could be part of a bad BIOS as well.
  5. Unfortunately my computer has no eSATA port.
    I will try to flash the BIOS. I had not thought that it was the BIOS being corrupt as I am getting a POST and it does see the RAM.
    However I will try it.
  6. Have you tried different power connectors off the PSU?
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