Turn Antec 1200 Fan Lights Off?

I am setting up a new buildt in an Antec 1200 case. [...] 6811129043

I like the roominess and air flow of this case as well as the overall appearance. I also REALLY like that all the intake fans are dust filtered (including the spot for the optional side fan). I just wish I could turn off the D*** LED fan lights (there is only a light switch for the top fan). I prefer conservative/unobtrusive appearing cases. Does anyone know if I can either swap out the fans or (preferably) simply cut the power to the LED light without disabling the fan?
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  1. Replacing the fans is a snap. Just pull out the drive cages and put any 120mm fan you want.

    *EDIT* At least thats how the 900 works. If the 1200 is updated to be like the 300, then it even easyer, just pull the front panel off, and there are thumbscrews holding little doors shut, just open those up and replace the fans.
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    Some of the fans have switches mounted on the back of the case that can turn some of the lights off... Im sure it does the top one just cant remember which ones do and dont turn off.

    failing that on the outside edge of the fan is a wire going to the LED's - simply cut one and the lights wont turn on anymore.
  3. Unfortunately, only the top mounted fan has a switch to turn the LED off. But, if the fans dont have some unusual plug intothe drive cage mounts (so they can be replaced by any 120mm fan), Thats great.

    Even better that I can just snip the LED power wire easily.

    Thanks Ulysses35 and B-Unit.
  4. All of the fans can have their LED's turned OFF.
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