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I really need some help with my first system build. I have NSK6580B from Antec. I have plenty of Molex connections, but I dont find any connectors for the chassis fan.
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  1. What does the connector look like? If it is just 3 little pins it goes to the fan header on the motherboard, however the ones in the pictures for the case on newegg look like the standard Antec tricool, so there should be a molex power connector coming from the fan along with the speed switch.
  2. Yes. There is a molex power connector and speed switch coming from the fan. I have the CPU fan connected. I was expecting to find a 3 pin connector for the chassis fan. But nothing. Is there a way to hook it up easily?
  3. The chassis fan just connects to the molex connector, you cant control its speed except with the switch.
  4. Ok. That makes sense. That's what I thought. I turn on the PSU and the fan isnt working. The standby light is lit, but when I go turn on the system I'm not getting anything. Earlier in putting together the components the processor fan spun and worked fine. Now that I installed everything else its not spinning. I'm trying to determine if I have a bad part right now or just a rookie mistake on my part.
  5. Go through the boot checklist at the top of the forum, it covers most mistakes and basic component failures.
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