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Best graphics card for 5200+ plus biostar geforce 8100 mobo?

Graphics card for amd 5200+ plus biostar geforce 8100 mobo?

hi guys...i just want to ask what is the best graphics card for geforce 8100 mobo with amd 5200+ brisbane processor if i will utilize this so called "hybrid sli"?

any information or reply will be appreciated..thanks!
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    I had an X2 5200+ and it quite severely bottlenecked the 8800 GTX I originally had it paired with. When I upgraded to an X2 6400+ it was much better matched and I got a lot better performance in games.

    Long story short, I wouldn't pair an X2 5200+ with anything more than a single 9600 GT or HD 4830. Maybe an HD 4770 or 9800 GT.
  2. thnx man...i'm just wondering if this system could handle 9800gtx+....and what are the differences between 9800gt and 9800gtx+? will 9800gtx+ would work fine on this system?
  3. Sure it could. A 9800 GTX+ is a bit stronger than my 8800 GTX (which again was a little bottlenecked by the X2 5200+). You won't get the card's full potential, but it still would give you good performance. Here's another good match for the price:
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