Geforce 6200 Overclocking

I have an evga geforce 6200 512mb ddr2 AGP 8x.
I want to overclock it and unlock the four extra pixel pipelines.How do i do that?
I also want to know if i can mount a fan on the stock heat sink and should the fan blow air in out of the heat sink.
Please help..
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  1. I would recommend adding a separate fan cooler i have added a link which will guide you through the unlocking as well as overlocking. Have fun.
  2. rivatuner or power strip both are great for ocing a nvidia card. may help
  3. +1^ you can also give EVGA precision a shot.
  4. Just go default or Your gpu will get artifac. Just opinion
  5. psh, your not computing right if you dont make some artifacts with your gpu's. gotta get that OC nailed down :P
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