Phenom II x2 unlocked but not all cores shown

Hi everyone,

So this is my first time here and I hope this is a good place to be posting this.

I got a Phenom II x2 BE555 on a ASUS M4A79XTD EVO and I have recently unlocked and OC it. The thing that is bothering me is that it says there are 4 cores active when I start the computer but according to CPU-Z there are only 3. I have also went to Start>msconfig>Boot>Advanced Options and it also lists only up to 3. Does that mean that one core is just not working or would I have to increase the voltage more?

Right now I have the CPU V at 1.5 volts, NB V at 1.35 volts, multiplier at x19.0, NB at 2200 MHz.

If you need any more info I'll post up ASAP, but thanks in advanced for any advice
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  1. You might need more voltage to stabilize that 3rd core. If it keeps stuttering, you probably wont have that 3rd core. There are reasons why those chips arent sold as 4 core chips. Some just need too much voltage to keep all 4 cores active, some have a bad core. You will just have to play with it. It is pretty common for programs to mistake the CPU's for other ones when unlocked, also try with latest CPU-Z verrsion.
  2. yea I got the latest version of CPU-Z, I'll try to increase the voltage a little more and if it doesnt work then I'll just stick with 3 now and not try to break anything.

    And I am assuming that I have to apply a bit more voltage to the CPU. Also what does the NB voltage help to do when that is increased, never really did know all that much.

  3. Your cpu had 1 bad core and enjoy with 3core, drop voltage keep smallest to get stable for 3core, ran at prime95 2hours ..
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