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Hello, I'm not exactly sure where to ask this kind of question. Since it's about a homebuilt system (an old one though), I figure this is the best place. The following post is copied from another forum that didn't get many results (aka none). I apologize if this is in the wrong place.

Original Post:
"I'm really stumped as to what the problem is with my computer. It freezes while playing pretty much any Direct 3D/Open GL game. I say this because Diablo 2 works fine in Direct Draw, but dies when I try to use a glide wrapper (uses Open GL). Although I can get a GBA emulator to freeze if I set it to fast forward mode (uses as much CPU as possible) and that uses Direct Draw too.

Anyways, here's my specs:
Proc - Intel Celeron D 3.33 Ghz (Pretty sure its a 356)
Mobo - PC Chips p23g (V 3.0)
Video - Nvidia Geforce 6200 / ATi Radeon 9700 (tried switching between the two)
Ram - 2 GB
PSU - 430 W

I did a memtest, and no errors came up after 1 pass (should I do more?). I also ran a CPU burn in program for 5 minutes, and nothing happened (it usually takes <2 mins to freeze during games). I replaced the PSU and still maintained the problem. Swapped out the video card (had a Radeon 9700 in there) and no luck. Oddly, whenever I run 3dMark05, it always manages to get past the video tests and freezes sometime into the first CPU test. I can do anything else on this computer just fine (including watching 720p video). Stuff like Mcafee Antivirus never sets it off (and that pretty much hijacks my CPU whenever it wants to), so I don't think it's a CPU problem.

On both of the video cards (when they were in my computer), I attached a leftover processor fan since the Radeon 9700 fan was dying, so I don't think its overheating. With the Geforce in (along with the fan attached), temps peak in the 60-70C range. Running Prime95 for 15 minutes just now caused the CPU to peak at 48C.

Ugh, that turned out to be quite the wall of text. Anyways, anyone got any ideas on what could be the problem? I have a SB Live! 5.1 in there, but I doubt it's that (could it be?). The PC does produce an aggravating high pitched tone when it freezes (if something was making sound during the freeze)."

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Thank you for the links, but in the end I swapped motherboards with an Asus A7V333-X w/ Athlon XP 2400+. This is what I used to run before my brother sent me what I was using. Problem is gone (currently using the 9700, and I'm sure the 6200 would run fine also).

    I'm pretty sure its not a driver issue since I switched between the latest official Ati driver and the latest Omega Ati driver. The Omegas haven't had an update in a while I don't think, but they have never given be trouble, yet the problem persisted with both. Lowering the AGP speed to 4x didn't help.

    I have yet to test out the "broken" motherboard in it's current PC. It's running linux, so if it STILL freezes, I'll definitely know its a bush mobo (what are some good stress testers for Linux anyways?).

    I had nearly given up hope for a reply. Thanks again for helping out.
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