Samsung spinpoint or wd caviar black

hi all. i need to add storage for my pc,,, but im still confused whether caviar black or samsung spinpoint, also is there any significant difference between wd caviar black compare to the green and blue in term of read and write..
thank you all.
i really appreciate your kind answer...thank you so much
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  1. I heard that WD20EARS (Western Digital) is great choice for storage, check out the review, it should be around the site somewhere.
  2. I boot with WD Blacks. I use the WD Greens for storage only. One thing I like about the WD Greens is that they automatically shut down after a period of non-use.

    I do not worry about the energy savings so much as the reduced thermal load.
  3. WD Greens suffer from a design flaw. I was thinking about buying one, but after reading this, I reconsidered & bought a Caviar Blue WD10EALX for storage. It's more reliable than Greens for sure.
  4. thank you all....
    i will try the wd caviar black....
    but here in indonesia the price of caviar black is 20$ more than samsung spinpoint in 1TB storage.....
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