I have a 300LE Maxter 40 GB external hard drive which is 12-13 years old. WAs w

I see I made a mistake in tyo it is a 3000LE Maxtor external hard drive used for storage only. I think it dies as the power cord works with both computers but th elittle yellow light for the hard drive does not come on. At first I thought it was just not compatable to windows 7, this is the first time I have had any trouble with it, am sure it would work OK if it was working right. When plugged to new PC it showed the hard drive as a drive but not as a storage couldn't open it. Please need suggestions as have a lot of stuff stored on it I need off.
Thanks for any help
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    To rule out any issues with just the case and connections, take out the drive, and plug it into the PC directly. You may need to get a ATA cable for the drive, I doubt that a Windows 7 PC will have any supplied with it. If that also fails to read the drive, try it with another PC. If that also fails, run a program like Recuva to see if it can get any data off the drive.
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