USB 3 Hard drive dock for backups

I purchased some WD 2TB drives and this dock to run backups using Arcserve. It seems like the dock is failing after about an hour of constant backup (our backups run around 3-5 hours long). I need to find a dock, preferably USB 3 that will be able to take constant writing for long hours. Can anybody help me out?
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  1. I had a lot of problems getting a working combination of a USB 3 PCIe adapter card and drive dock. What I eventually settled on is a Vantec adapter card and dock:

    But I've still found that the dock is sensitive to the drive being inserted properly and to the USB cables being well seated. I had a period when I was getting disconnects and solved it by reseating both ends of the USB cable. I have a feeling that the USB 3.0 connectors don't make connections that are quite as solid as their USB counterparts - perhaps a result caused by trying to jam the extra conductors into a compatible connector.
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