Altering Latencies

I have a Pentium Dual Core System with 2 Modules of DDR2 RAM which is basically used for Word Processing....

1st Module - 1GB 6-6-6
2nd Module - 2GB 5-5-5

The system repeatedly crashes(shuts down abruptly), or won't switch on at the first try. I have looked everywhere else and the last thing I'm stalling on are the latencies...

Memtest says both the modules runs at 6-6-6, is this correct?

If one of the modules has been pushed to a higher timing should I overvolt that module??

Since one of the timings has changed, will its frequency change automatically too??? should I make them the same?

What should I do??? timings, freq, voltage - should all they be the same??
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  1. Check your motherboard manual or download it from the manufacturer's website. Mixing ram does not always work. You can try switching the ram among your various slots, or manually setting the timings to the 6-6-6 setting. If I were you, I would use just the 2gb for now, and sell the 1 gb stick. Save your money and get a matching stick for the 2 gb.
  2. It was the motherboard, It was on its way out....
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