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Hello Tom's community,

I pieced together a build approx 2 months ago. Inside an Antec 300 is the 3.0ghz athlon x2 250 w/ stock cooler, msi 880gm-e41 mobo, 4 gigs 1333, thermaltake 430w psu, 320gb hdd, and an HD5670. Latest drivers, bios, tweaked some bios settings and, well, I consider myself an amatuer OC'er so I just wanted to make sure everything looks good.

Currently everything is at stock voltages, running a 247 fsb, multi at x14 = 3.458 Ghz. Ram running at 658 MHz. HT link running at 1976 MHz.

I've passed 2+ hours of Prime95. Tested a couple games on high settings. Highest recorded core temps ~45*C.

One concern I have is a fluctuating core speed (ranges from 3458-3465 MHz. I've read that disabling spread spectrum in bios can help that, but the changes to speed still occur. Additionally, are there any benefits to having a higher HT link speed? The OC Genie Lite setting (MSI's auto OC) in bios put me at the same core speed with different settings, 230x15. I guess my question is this, is the AUto OC setting (running same core speed, with FSB @230, HT link at 2300 mhz) better than my OC with a lower HT? FWIW, both settings seem stable. Just wanted some feedback as I'm not sure of the benefits and/or risk of running either with same core speed.

Sorry for long post, any comments greatly appreciated!
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  1. keep HT link at 2000 / NB at 2000 give more stable for overclock, but HT link / NB at 2300 will ran faster at benchmark 2000. i just know maximum NB is faster for Phenom II
  2. Thanks for the input henydiah.

    Im still foolin around with different settings in bios. This surprised me, but, I raised my cpu-nb multi from x8 to x9, pushing that speed from 1976 to ~22xx. I kept the HT link @ 1976mhz, with the same 247 FSB as well. This actually lowered my benchmarks in AOD quite a bit!! At first averaging around 8300 points, after raising the NB to ~22xx that number sank to like 5100's! That didnt make sense to me, perhaps someone can explain...

    Anyways, i just discovered that if I raised my FSB a few notches to 250, it put my NB and HTlink at stock 2000mhz speeds. Benchmarks went up to 85-8600 points. Timings for the mem dropped but now the sticks are running at 666mhz.

    Been running prime95 for 25 minutes and temps haven't gone above 40*C yet. I wasn't expecting to get 3.5 Ghz on stock voltages...
  3. I think if ran bencmark try use another like 3Dmark, cinebench or syssoft sandra , in sosft sandra you can compare your system default your system and default also other system (virtual).
    You had chance get highger speed because your temp still low, max your temp is 70C
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