Is it ok to use old thermal compound?

I found some Arctic Silver 5 that I probably bought 6 years ago when I had heat issues with my laptop. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of a reason not to use it for new heat-sink application. I would think it is ok, but I really don't know much about what it is made out of.
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  1. Arctic Silver 5 very good thermal , very nice used if the condition is still good and does not harden
  2. as long as it isnt too thick, you want it to be able to be spread and thin out. if it is as thick as toothpaste, get some new stuff. :)
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    If you push on the plunger and nothing will come out.

    Don't use it! :lol:

    Sorry OP, couldn't resist.

    AS5 from 6 yrs ago will still be good as long as it was capped and sealed, however most do not know that the AS5 today is an improved formula than what was on the market 6 yrs ago.

    That information I attained from an Artic Silver company representative, when I was doing the Thermal Roundup.
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