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I am currently making a computer for my friend and I wanted to know what you guys thought of the build I was thinking of building him.

The computer will be mainly used for gaming on a 1080 hd television, but he isn't an hardcore gamer so he doesn't need every setting to high. He will not overclock for the time beeing but may when the system gets older.

(note: Newegg is only for showing the pieces, I will actually buy stuff from DirectCanada)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P 85$

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 250$

Video card: Gigabyte 4670 73$ ( will change for a more powerfull one when DX 11 comes out)

HDD: Western Digital 500GB 32MB cache 70$

Power supply: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W 85$

RAM: 2x2GB G-Skill DDR3-1333 75$

Case-DVD burner-OS : Will use old ones.

Total: 703,5$CAD Tx and shipping included - 40$ of MIR

I am open to all suggestion (as long that it isn't ASUS products, since I had a really bad RMA experience with them), but I would really like 1 answer about something in particular:

At first, the motherboard was supposed to be a 790GX from Gigabyte. And as far as I know the only difference (taking OCing out of the equation) between a 770 and 790 was that a 790 had:
-Crossfire support
-Onboard video

Those two extra options were useless to him, but I wanted to know if there would be another reason that I missed that would favor the 790.
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  1. One uses the SB750 and the other uses the SB710, but for all practical purposes and what your friend is going to use it for, the AM3 770 will be fine. I would change to this faster DDR3 RAM for just a little more $$ 8-8-8-21
  2. The thumbs are missing again, but ^+1.
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    To improve gaming performance, you could allocate less funds to the CPU and more to the graphics card - even for the later purchase (unless he already has at least US$250 set aside for it) Consider the X3 720 @ US$120

    FYI for other viewers:
    703.50 CAD = 652.718 USD

    I assume you are otherwise planning for a 64 bit OS and an optical drive.
  4. Thanks for all you suggestions, as for the RAM, that model isn't availble, but I will definitly check for comparable sticks from other company and see if the price are reasonable. I kinda just took the cheapest ddr3-1333 i could find.

    A big thank you for remembering me about those X3 XD. I will check with him for how long he thinks he will keep his system, if he plans to change computer in less than two-three years I will make the switch.
  5. Yeah, switching to an X3 so you can put more money towards the GPU mighnt be a good idea. A single 4670 is a little lacking to be playing games at 1080p. If you go for the 720 BE you can overclock it latter and a 4850 should be able to handle most of his games at above medium settings at 1080p until you upgrade it to a DX11 GPU.
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