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when i boot my pc i get the motherboard splash screen then it says checking ied devices( i think ) then it says no BIOS installed. if i boot and hit del. i can enter the bios so i think it is there but the coump does not see it. i have been told to go to the asus websight and load it from there and have tryed but i dont know what im really looking for. i think i need the original cd that comes with the motherboard but cant find one, can anyone help me please. I have a ASUS P4C800-E motherboard and it tells me i have a (AMIBIOS verson 08.00.09 build date 08/20/05 ID#P4CED1065 thanks if you can help
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  1. I could not find a listing @ASUS for the P4C800-E. Confirm you have ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe, not the P4C800-E. If your board is actually the P4C800-E, we'll have to look around some more. Stop here - DO NOT TRY ANY of the steps below.

    If yours is actually the Deluxe, go to the P4C800-E Deluxe website. Select the download tab, download the manual, the BIOS utilties, and the 3 latest versions of the BIOSes listed.

    Read the manual's section on the BIOS, especially the parts about Flashing the BIOS. Your BIOS screen should show whcih BIOS version you have installed. Choose the latest non-Beta BIOS, and follow the ASUS directions for flashing your BIOS. This will upgrade your BIOS, and should stop the annoying screen.
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