"The OCZ Vertex 2 Conspiracy: Lost Space, Lost Speed?" article


Most of you read the "The OCZ Vertex 2 Conspiracy: Lost Space, Lost Speed?" on Tom's > http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ocz-vertex-2-25nm-ssd,2867.html

An extract from the article below:

"...understood, OCZ can hunker down and address it. In desktop-class workloads, the 25 nm drives trade blows with the older drives. Really hammering the new SSDs with small 4 KB reads and writes is where they seem to choke up—and we think we know exactly why..."

Basically, apart from the "shorter" expected lifespan and slightly less (4GB or so) formatted available space of these 25nm "E" type Vertex 2 SSDs, it is said (as above extract) that the 4KB read/writes of these newer 25nm "E" drives "choke up" in comparisson to their former 34nm counterparts.

A lot of things were to be fixed (according to the article) in newer firmware updates - from 1.29 and up if I remember correct. Has some of these issues been addressed as I see the curent firmware version is 1.33 already?

I want to buy one of these drives and will most likely only be able to buy 25mn "E" variants as new only.

Please please please respond with some informative update/feedback

Much appreciated. Thanks
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  1. What is your budget for a new solid state drive?
  2. JohnnyLucky said:
    What is your budget for a new solid state drive?

    I live in South Africa so things tend to be a tad more expensive here that what you guys can get. Given the current exchange rate is should be +/- $400, but given the fact that we tend to pay 30% more than US / UK, its probably the $300 to $350 mark.

    I would however like to know if the firmware updates did in fact improve on the OCZ Vertex 2 25mn models' flaws?
  3. Does your motherboard have SATA III (6 Gb/s) capability or SATA II (3 Gb/s) capability?
  4. The main issue with speed isn't so much the process size of the NAND, but rather the density. The new NAND is 64-bit and therefore the SSD has 1/2 the chips of one using 32-bit NAND. 1/2 the chips equals much lower performance.

    OCZ will let you RMA a 64-bit NAND Vertex 2 (120 GB or lower). You will receive a 32-bit in exchange.
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