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I'm looking for a best cooler for i5-2500k CPU.
Three requirements:
1. It have to be not taller then 150mm
2. It have to be pretty quiet
3. It have to cost no more then $40

Thank you
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  1. Hyper 212 is good and cheap
  2. it's taller then 150mm
  3. You need more than $40 may will get good water cooler H60.
  4. H100 Corsair, ( all depends on the case.) You wont get much for under 40 bucks. LOL.
  5. h100 corsair is a liquid cooler and goes for $100+
    Actually there are plenty for under 40.
    What about Xigmatech SD963?
    I guess I'm answering my own question as it is obvious there are no experts at least in this part of forum
  6. I have been a systems builder for 20 years. It is apparent to me that the old air cooling devices are almost obsolete now for the enthusiast. If you are talking about someone who just uses the Internet, doesn't OC or use intensive programs, or game at all, maybe those old fashioned air coolers will do , but now that you have enclosed water cooling, that anyone with half a brain can install, your Xigmatech SD963 is just not sufficient. Laugh all you want but if you are an enthusiast and want a cooler that will cover all the bases you are not right. Have a nice day. And you are right , I guess there are only a few experts on this part of the forum and anyone who gives advice against an enclosed loop is just not right.
  7. I said 40$ do u comprehend it?
    If u can't give me suggestion at all why even waste my time and post ?
    Liquid coolers are loud and have a probability of leaking.
    Idk what world u been too but air cooling is pretty sufficient ... real enthusiast go with liquid nitrogen btw ...
    sorry u wasted 20 years of ur life
  8. I am very sorry I tried to help you, it wont happen again.
  9. no u didn't try
    u suggestion was useless - there for it is not help
  10. Most people with SB have a mid tower that can fit 120mm hsfs. What case do you have? The sd963 is probably the best for your price/size.
  11. im planning on getting BitFenix Shinobi
    and I think I saw somewhere that 158mm tall heatsink is all u can fit
  12. That case has 161mm of hsf clearance, the 212+ is 158.5 so will fit. The anandtech review even uses a 158.5mm hsf.
  13. The Arctic Cooling 13 and 7 series would meet your height requirement and are $35-$45 on newegg.

    I have the Freezer 7 (92mm) w/ PWM and it is decent at full fan speed. It isn't the greatest overclocking cooler but it gets the job done. It also comes with Arctic MX-4 TIM.
  14. @k1114
    Thanks for clearing it out.
    how loud does it get?

    I want something that gets less then 45dB at full blast
  15. If you would be willing to spend an extra $20, i would suggest a Noctua NH-U9B SE2.
  16. On the Arctic cooling website, they claim that the Freezer 13 produces 0.5 sones @2000rpm and the Freezer 7 produces 0.5 sones @2250rpm.

    I am not to familiar with a sone unit of measurement but apparently the internets is telling me that 1 sone is 40 dB so the fans seem to be very quiet.

    My Freezer 7 maxes out at 2560rpm and only hits that speed when cooling my slightly overclocked Q9550 at full load and I dont think its too loud. My video card is definitely louder. I am usually reading a book while running Prime95 and it doesn't bother me.
  17. yeah but I heard freezer 13 is not really good at cooling
  18. Yea it might be a couple degrees centigrade hotter than some of the best known coolers but it will be tough to beat in the less than 150mm height category.

    I was just looking at the Zalman website and you might be able to drop a Zalman 9900 in there (height=152mm). The regular copper Zalman is priced around $50 but i have seen it on sale before. I have seen pretty good temp reviews for it. Not sure about sound though.
  19. Now that you know you have 161mm clearance, a bigger hsf with a 120mm fan will be quieter, and dissipate heat better. The 212+ is still my suggestion, as well as the xigmatech gaia. Though they only have ~2mm clearance, if you want something a little shorter, the gelid tranquillo is better than the freezer 13 and it's 153mm high @ $40. There are some better hsfs at $50 if you are willing to go higher, though my original suggestions are better bang/buck.
  20. thank you all
    now i'm thinking of swapping case ... any recommendations?
    I'm looking for something in that price range (~$60)
    also Shinobi looks really good
    I don't want case with window as it's seating under my desk and I need one with great airflow and material quality ... also no need for front USB 3.0 ports
  21. Yea I agree, if it will fit go with CM 212. The performance/price ratio is so high that its unbeatable.

    This is a bit out of your price range but the cases that Corsair has been cranking out lately are my favorites. The new Carbide 400R is $99 and its the business.

    Antec and CoolerMaster have a lot of options in your price range and they usually have pretty good airflow. The two other things I look for now are a CPU backplate cutout so heatsinks can be removed and installed w/o removing the mobo and decent cable management options behind the mobo backplate.
  22. You want a quiet case I assume. There's not much choice at the low price range. But this lian li k56 is a good quiet case.

    Other choices which aren't "silent" type cases are the antec 300 illusion which usually goes on sale once a month for $55, the haf 912, or the rosewill challenger.
  23. I know that best would be the akasa venom new version because its the newest thing goning right now and that there last version did pretty good 2quarter of 2010.
  24. k1114 said:
    You want a quiet case I assume. There's not much choice at the low price range. But this lian li k56 is a good quiet case.

    Other choices which aren't "silent" type cases are the antec 300 illusion which usually goes on sale once a month for $55, the haf 912, or the rosewill challenger.

    Yeah I was thinking of HAF 912 but BitFenix Shinobi offers alot of space too

    Also I preffer PSU bottom mounted cases
  25. The test data at the link below will show you how the major HSFs cool. The Hyper 212+ is probably as good as you'll get in that price range.
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