A few modest suggestions for improving Home Built Sytem Forum

Many similar questions - and similar builds - get posted repeatedly. This indicates that some stickies might help the prospective builders by providing better up front guidance and general information, answer some of the questions that get repeated, and just in general improve the level of knowledge of the builder.

This could include stickies such as the following:
Baseline builds for different applications and budgets - could be multiple stickies
....Alternatively links to existing articles from reputable sites - e.g. THG's own, ExtremeTech, and Anandtech
Assembling the PC (reference some notes at the end of Proximon's excellent stickee on parts selection)
....Either included in the above or on its own some info on baseline testing such as memtest and prime95
Benchmarking a new PC
Tweaking a new PC
Workstation vs. Gaming graphics cards

I'm sure a review of recent posts will identify many other common threads

In addition, perhaps there should be a new stickie - "Read this BEFORE originating new builds" - that strongly recommends reading the appropriate stickies before posting, and advising originator to state at the top of his post the stickies he has already read to establish a base line for further communications".

Also see this post recommending the use of points to incentivize member's participation in developing stickies.

[Edit - sorry forgot above link - here it is:]
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  1. I agree.... If we can get a few of the "regular" posters", make threads on certain builds and provide build examples on how to's and the little things it would be helpful.

    Recommend build for LGA 775 Socket (list different builds at price ranges... etc.)
    Recommend build for Core i7 for Gaming (list different builds at price ranges... etc.)
    Recommend build for Core i7 for Workstation (list different builds at price ranges... etc.)

    This way a "new builder" can review the thread and get a general starting point or copy a listed build...

    I like were this could go....
  2. Agreed, i would like to see links to proximons guide to picking parts, the best graphics cards for the money articles, and the latest SBM articles for people to look through to get an idea of what they should be looking at for their budget range. And we need to do something to get people to follow the format in the sticky, im tired of having to ask half the new topics what resolution their monitor is.
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