2x 6950 unlocked in Crossfire

with a i7 950 @ 4.2ghz, 6GB Mushkin 1.5V 7-8-7-24 & SSD

Can a 850W power these items?

i have 1 card clocked to 1000 core / 1500 memory @ 1.25v.

what if i had two cards at this speed?
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  1. What are the normal clocks of your card?
    What kind of PSU do you have?
    -Real power or crap power?
  2. OP 750W would be enough to run 6970 CF, which is what you're looking at if you unlock your second card. Just google 6970 CF power supply requirements.

    You should be safe with 850W even with your i7 OC. So long as the PSU isn't old and degraded.

    The safest way to unlock the second card is to remove the first and perform the unlock.

    Then you plug the second card back in and crossfire your unlocked 6950's, resulting in 6970 Crossfire performance.
  3. clocks are 1000/1500 stable on air. with changed auto fan settings.

    PSU is an Thermaltake 850W, pretty good psu.

    The 2nd msi R6950 unlocked and clocked to 1000/1500 stable on air too.

    just need to get some feedback before i put them together for Crossfire.
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