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I was playing World of Warcraft about a week ago, and while playing my picture froze. However, the mouse cursor was not frozen, and could still be moved. I turned the computer off restarted it, and downloaded the latest drivers, and everything seemed to be working fine. Tonight though, the same problem happened, this time the colors on the monitor got all scrambled, and then a minute later the picture (save for the mouse cursor) froze again. This time when I restarted the computer it did not work properly. During the windows xp load screen (where it displays the logo and the progress bar) there were white dots all over the screen. Then when it loaded the desktop all I could see were the frozen image of the game I was playing before I restarted the computer, and once again the mouse cursor which was working fine. I tried restarting one more time, and this time the computer just showed a scrambled image, save for the mouse again. I can't give all of the specifications for my computer, as I cant look at them since the picture wont load. But heres what I know.
Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

GPU= GeForce 8800 GTX
CPU= AMD dual core 2.6 ghz
Memory=4 gig
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  1. Possible Fixes/Problems:
    Re-installing WoW
    Re-Installing Your OS
    Hardware Malfunction

    Your specs seem good enough for WoW, if the problem just cant seem to be fixed re-installing your OS would be a good idea.
    IF that does not work, it would have to be a hardware problem OR a Software-Hardware problem.

    Also updating the drivers for all your hardware if possible would be a good idea.
  2. Ugh that's what I was afraid of, only bought this video card a year ago. I'm going to try swapping out the video card from my brother's computer and seeing if that fixes it. It seems like it has to be a hardware problem since the video is scrambled from the moment I start the computer up, even before windows loads.
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