Phenom x4 965 BE running hot on corsair H60?

Hi all,

System info:

-AMD phenom ii x4 965 BE
-Evga SC GTX 560 Ti
-4GB Gskill ddr2 800
-650W Antec earthwatts
-ANtec 300 series case with 5 fans

My 965 BE is OC'd to 4GHz, 1.425 voltage, 20 multiplier x 200FSB = 4000Mhz

- My systems load temps are 57max( Intel burn and prime 95 actually around 55)
- AVERAGE idle temps between 37-42.

This seem a little hot, seeing as everyone else on any other forum post about h60 and 965 is idle'ing
around 30C.

Couple questions on things to possibly change that might be affecting my coolin??:

1) the radiator plug (according to install is supposed to go into a "sys_fan" header.
THe plug wont reach to the only two "sys_fan" headers on my mobo which is a gigabyte
GA-MA790X-UD4P. I plugged the fan into CPU_FAN and because of the radiator cable length, my only
option was to plug it into "power_sys_fan". I dont hear water flowing when I turn on my system, so I am
not sure if it is even working properly :(.

2) Case air flow (antec 300) - Because it is recommended to have back fan as intake with h60, I have adjusted my fans.

2 front - INTAKE
back (h60) - INTAKE
side - EXHAUST

any suggestions to fix or is this okay? ambient room temps about 75-79 farenheit

3) regarding my fan speeds, everything is set to high, is this a problem? or should some fans
be lower to optimize air flow or somethin?
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  1. It depends on what their ambient temps are as well. Most LCS coolers have an audible noise when the are running, so I'd assume you could hear this as well...might be a quiet hum and you may need to be pretty close to the pump/CPU block to hear it.

    What are your load temps? Your idle temps aren't that bad, so I'm not sure what you are expecting without knowing comparison ambient temps these other people have. For instance, 78F is about 26C or so. You are saying you are idling around 37C, which is about 98.6F...human body temp, which still is good.

    I'm not a fan of plugging these LCS coolers into MB fan you might be running at a lower speed due to the amount of power being sent to the fan header from the motherboard...remember, your CPU fan speeds up and down depending on the thermal reading on the CPU probes, so it might be sending less power to what it thinks is the CPU fan. I'd suggest getting a fan header extension and running it at full speed off a molex or to a correct fan header.
  2. Actually from the H60 Tests your temps are pretty nice as compared to the actual test results.
    The Pumps is Connected to the CPU_FAN Header.
    The Other fans are all connected to the CHA_FAN headers on the Mobo. That way the pumps maintains the Temp of the CPU and the CHA_FANs maintain the temps within the case and the surrounding environment, cooling the rad more effectively without wasting power or creating too much of audible noise.
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