How do I configure OTA channels, along w/ 2 HDHomeRun tuners & analog?

Hey, I just installed the Windows 7 RTM build from Technet. I also just purchased an AverTV Combo M780 Tuner (for the analog and OTA). I already had a HDHomeRun which gave me 2 ATSC Digital signals.

But I'm having trouble configuring all the tuners in Media Center... I can get the Analog working fine, and the 2 HDHomeRun tuners.... Although the MCE only detects HD signals from HDHomeRun if I AUTOMATICALLY setup the TV Signal. But if I select automatic, it doesn't configure my Digital tuner from my AverTV M780 (says AverTV Tuner 2 detected, but will not be configured.. why?). If I manually configure my TV signal, it uses all 3 tuners, but only finds analog channels. No digital channels can be found.

Whats the best way to add all my tuners? Can I just do automatic, and manually add OTA channels even though it didn't configure the ota tuner?

If I select automatic TV Tuner Configuration:
-Finds Analog Channels
-Finds 4/30 Digital Channels
-Doesn't configure my OTA Digital Tuner from my AverTV M780 (Only uses 1 analog, 2 HDHomeRun ATSC Tuners)

If I select manual TV Tuner ConfigutatioN:
-Finds Analog Channels
-Doesn't find Digital Channels
-Says it uses all 4 tuners (1 analog, 2 HDHomeRun Tuners, 1 AverTV ATSC Tuner)
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  1. Depending on your antenna and amp system that may be all the signal your getting to the tuners.

    I have to ask, why would you need to have 4 tuners.
  2. Well technically I only have 2 physical tuners. I first got a HDHomeRun for the HD Tuners to watch Heroes.

    Then I wanted to watch Analog TV too, so I got the AverTV Tuner, and was hoping the OTA provided me with the HD channels I was missing with my cable lineup.


    Is there a reason why it would detect HD TV Channels when I select automatically (and it doesnt use the AverTV Tuner 2 for configuration), and not detect the channels when I manually scan for them (AverTV Tuner 2 is one of the tuners set to be configured this time).
  3. Your first post said two hdhomerun, or did you mean the two tuners inside it?
    The Avery has both an analogue and digital tuner.
    So it sounds like you might be fine with just the avery...

    Most likely when you set them up manually you picked a wrong setting. Last time i set up a tv tuner for a computer it took a dozen tries to get the right settings, then i moved across town and it took another dozen tries.

    Don't know for sure but I would guess it's skipping the avery tuner because it already has two and doesn't see a need for a third
  4. This is all you need 1 analog, 2 HDHomeRun ATSC Tuners and why would you want to watch analog anyway? I personally can't watch analog TV anymore and haven't for a long time.
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