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Last weekend i attempted my very first overclock on my cpu and was rather successful. ( It was also my first time in a bios menu haha ) The reason I wanted to overclock my cpu was to prepare myself for Battlefield 3 which is due for release soon. ( and Diablo 3 in the near future )

My setup is about 3 years old now. It is an e8500 3.16ghz, P7N Platinum mobo, ddr2 800 ram and 9800gt. I was thinking about buying a new rig but i think i would like to wait for the new amd bulldozer processor to come out ( maybe the enhanced or gen2 version ), and i would like to see how my overclocked setup would run.

I managed to overclock the cpu to ~3643Mhz - 383 bus speed 9.5 multiplier at 1.28V with a 1:1 ratio to the ram which now runs at 383 Mhz aswell on a 5-5-5-15 timing. It is a very stable oc. Another reason i overclocked the cpu was to give the gtx460 i plan to buy some breathing room as i hope the cpu does not bottleneck the vid card too much. ( can i get some opinions on if it will or not as i have not purchased it yet. ) I will also be adding 4 more gbs of ram to total to 8gb of ddr2.

Do you guys think i should look into overclocking the ram so i can increase my cpu speed whilst keeping the 1:1 ratio as i think i can pull some more juice out of the cpu. I managed to hit this overclock after researching on the internet on and off over 2 days. I know the ram is harder to oc and the system can get unstable very easily but i did enjoy the whole experience haha.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I know I will be bottlenecked, and I am fully aware I will not be able to play on ultra or high settings. I didn't want this to be another " Can my comp play BF3 " thread haha. I'm just hoping i will be able to play on medium with a decent ~30 fps.

    Anyway I was hoping to get a response regarding the thoughts of overclocking ram. Thanks :)
  2. I could build a new rig now but i am going to wait probably until the start of next year after the bulldozer has been out for a couple of months and maybe the next gen gpus are out.

    When you say my ram is slow, what do you mean exactly? Are you talking about the clock speed being at 383, or the 5-5-5-15 timing? The ram slowed down by itself when i was autoclocking the cpu the only thing i changed were the timings. I'm still not sure exactly how i got the exact 1:1 ratio. I did alot of trial and error and basically just weeded it down to a very narrow tolerance.

    Do you think i should set the ram clock speed back up to 400, or even higher and see how far i could get it.
    This is something i've been wanting to try as i think i can continue oc'ing the cpu and keep the 1:1 ratio.

    The only thing i've heard is that my specific ram ( Kingston ddr2 800 240 pin ) does not oc very well, but i'm still willing to try.

    Thanks for your reply btw.
  3. Core2 CPU's are relatively insensive to RAM speeds. Do not worry about trying to overclock the RAM. You are best off in terms of both performance and stability at 1:1.
  4. Hold off on your purchase... I am. I have been running this config going on 4 years now and have never failed prime95 or IntelBurnTest. It's a little monster!

    OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    MB Asus P5Q-EM mATX
    CPU Intel E8500 (Core 2 Duo) 3.16GHz OC 4.028GHz - v1.336 to v1.352 (multiplier 424x9.5)
    RAM Corsair Dominator 8500C5D OC 1016MHz - v2.1 - 5-5-5-15-2T (2X2GB)
    SSD Corsair Force GT SSD SATA III 120GB (Disk 0) Win 7 U
    HDD Western Digital Velociraptor SATA II 300GB (Disk 1) Ubuntu
    PSU Corsair CX430 V2
    Case Ultra MicroFly mATX MOD 3 window case D:15" W:11.25" H:9"
    Cooler Zalman CNPS8700 LED with CNPS9700NT PWM FAN into 4 pin CPU Fan Header
  5. Glad I found this thread ! I will try this thanks OP.
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