Confusing situation with new build.

I am building a new desktop using the new Thermaltake Element S mid-tower case and the XFX nForce 780i 3-way SLI motherboard and the Ultra MD3 media dashboard. Now, my problem is the Element S has the power switch and reset on top with audio, mic and eSATA connector and also contains 2 USB connections. How do I plug in the MD3 USB connector and the Element S USB connector, the dual 1394 connections, as well as dual headphones, mic and eSATA connections to the motherboard?
Has anybody done this sort of arrangement? When the owners manual says to connect the dashboard USB to the USB1 on the motherboard, they are assuming only one of these connections will be done. Am I trying to do too much with this? I am anxious to make this work because I believe the MD3 is an excellent item to have on these more powerful systems. The heat monitors are really what I'm after, but I would also like to utilize more USB and IEEE 1394 connections.
All advice is appreciated.
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  1. Esata For esata what i've found the best soultion would be to connect esata with an adapter to a sata port i would suggest one similar to this
    you would need 3 of these and it looks like on your motherboard you have 6 sata ports which sould be plenty

    Usb im not exactly sure how you can solve usb issue because i cant find a usb mobo connection adapter that make motherboard connection change to a regular like external usb but if you can find one you can get a usb hub or a usb PCI adapter with usb connections on it

    Sound Now for the mic and headphones i believe hav to connect those to back of the sound ports now you should be able to get a splitter for both those for example like this except i proubly get one a little smaller consider a bit huge

    well i think thats it then email or pm if u hav any questions
    also id like to know if anyone finds a solution for the esata tnx
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