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I'm planning to buy a gaming laptop and I have come at a crossroads on which to choose, generally it all boils down to the video card, on one laptop Acer6920 (Geforce 9500gs) on the other An Asus/Msi )(9600GT and 130m respectively) I've been told that the nvidia g130m is generally the same as the 9600GT. However, the Acer has one prime advantage that causes me to lean towards it, (it has a blue ray drive.)

Now my question is, since i plan on playing games on the laptop (generally older games, like C&C Generals, Battle Realms, Call of Duty 4 and 6 and hopefully Star Craft 2) Simply put, i plan on mostly using it for RTS games and would occasionally want to dabble in some new high end games.) Would say a 9500GS do the trick? thanks and a direct comparison between the two would be appreciated. Thanks!

*all video cards mentioned above have a memory of 512, and in the Acer's case, it also hase a turbocache thingy/shared memory
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  1. You've posted in the wrong section,please post here:

    (Make sure u feel the Laptop FAQ first before posting though)
  2. i would go for either the asus or msi, you can always get a blu ray drive later if you want, you more than likely will not be able to change the GPU if you want though
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