Ep43c ds3 disable onboard audio

HI. There's no (or, at least I couldn't find it under "Peripherals" section) such option in BIOS. The only thing that gets closer to audio I think is the Azalia Codec, which is currently on "Auto". So: (a) how do I turn off the onboard audio, (b) provided that the onboard audio is off, what should be the status of this Azalia option (i.e. off/on/auto)? Thanks in advance.
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  1. it should be off if you successfully turned it off

    and to turn it off just go down to it hit enter and then select off
  2. would that mean that by simply turning the codec off I also disable the onboard sound? my question might sound pathetic, i know, but no teckie here :D
  3. Yup - the RealTek CODEC is the 'on-board sound'...
  4. great news, bilbat. issue solved. thanks a lot. topic closed :)
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