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My e6400 c2d 2.13Ghz is currently running at 2.67Ghz (1333Mhz- Fsb) and my motherboard says it supports a maximum of 1333Mhz, so does this mean I can not overclock my cpu any higher?, and if I do will it cause problems?

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  1. all depends on motherboard, overclocking ability, how many phases the motherboard has, if u can control your fsb speed and memory speed, look on google how to overclock your cpu and the basics of it, just dont go to crazy with clock speeds and you should be fine, oh and remember that the total fsb speed is usually x4 of what u put it as, so 200Mhz fsb is really 800Mhz fsb, so your system is running at 333Mhz FSB if your motherboard is good enough you might be able to get 1600mhz out of it but keep an eye on temps,
  2. lol yeah sorry forgot its actually 333Mhz FSB, the motherboard is a ASROCK P41C-DE Not a great motherboard, a bit old but I Just want to get Max of 3.0Ghz out of my e6400 I've seen people overclock this cpu very high.
  3. Yes, but not with a G41 motherboard.

    The G41 is an economy chipset. The G41 chipset has an upper FSB limit of about 350 MHz. That means that your chip will have an upper limit of about 2.8 GHz, not far from where you are now.

    DEVILVSANGEL00 said:
    ... oh and remember that the total fsb speed is usually x4 of what u put it as, ...

    DA, that is not exactly what is happening. Core2 CPU's have an FSB frequency of usually 200, 266, or 333 MHz. Each bus cycle generates 4 FSB clock cycles. Core2 CPU's are "quad pumped". They transfer 4 chunks of data each bus cycle.
  4. Ok so I could probably push it to 350Mhz max? but no higher right, thanks for the replies, might invest in better motherboard then.
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