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I'm going to build a new PC to replace my currently ancient PC with a celeron D 478 pin processor etc. I have an absolute budget limit of £400, although I'm trying to keep quite a way under this. So far I have decided on an AMD processor, as I can't afford intel's i7 processor and compatible motherboards, but I can afford AM3 - also I would like DDR3 SDRAM to maintain upgrade paths...

So far I have decided on an AMD Phenom II 2.6ghz
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  1. Apologies for double post, I accidently submitted the previous message instead of preview, and I'm not allowed to edit it. Continuing on.

    So far I have decided on this:





    speeds: 10666, 8500




    Gra card:





    I need a final check of if these components are compatible with each other. Also, are these the best components to get with my budget and please suggest any possible improvements. THe whole lot comes to £384 which is close to my budget limit. ALso I have an IDE CD drive. Would this be compatible with the proposed board or would I need an SATA CD drive? Finally, I currently have a 400W power supply from this computer, would this be enough to power the components I want?
  2. What brand of power supply? If its not one of the good brands like antec, corsair, PC power & cooling, seasonic, or OCZ then no. You can use your IDE drive but if it doesnt read DVDs you wont be able to install an OS.
  3. The brand of the power supply is "Jeantech" - CD drive is a CD + DVD burner, and is quite new since I only got it about 6 months ago becuase my old one died.
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