A way to make an old desktop broadcast wifi?

My friend has comcast internet with the OEM comcast router.
She has an ipod touch and wants to connect to the internet with it at her house, however the comcast router doesn't have any wireless capabilities.

Theres only one computer, and shes the only one that uses it.

Is there something she can plug into one the computer's USB ports that could broadcast wifi?

btw the desktop is old as hell, <1ghz, <128mb ram, windows 2000
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  1. You can add a wireless access point to the existing router so long as it has an ethernet port.

    You don't add wireless to the desktop unless you want it to use wireless to access the router as well.

    I would first speak to Comcast who may have recommendations -- you may find it's cheaper to replace the existing router with a wireless router than to add an access point.
  2. Are you sure Comcast supplied a router and not just a cable modem? If so, she would need a wireless router.
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