Which Ones Better: Asetek 510LC or CoolIT Eco 2 (both 120MM)

I just ordered my new PC from Cyberpower ( and I had two options for my liquid cooling system. The default which was the Asetek 510LC 120MM (push-pull) and a summer end special which was a free upgrade to a CoolIT Eco 2 120MM (dont think this one is push-pull). I left it on the default (Asetek) but I'm wondering if I should call Cyberpower and have them put that end of the summer special (CoolIT) in? After all if they call it an "upgrade" it should be better right?

Let me know your thoughts on which one I should go with, I appreciate your input!

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    The Asetek 510LC looks a LOT like the Corsair H50, which it very well may be a rebranded version. Is the Eco 2 the 2x120 radiator version or only a single 120?

    I'll be perfectly honest...I don't either of them are worth the additional cost they might be asking, but if either is a free upgrade, sure, why not. I'm just not really a fan of Cyberpower lately after hearing about their customer service when things go bad from various forum threads.
  2. I think it is the single 120...and yah that was the one reason I was a little freaked to buy such an expensive product from them but after seeing those reviews I emailed Cyberpower and told them the only thing stopping me from ordering is the bad reviews about their customer service and guess what...they replied to the email the next day and ever since I've ordered my computer they have replied to several emails I've sent them regarding my purchase. The only thing is the wait time you encounter when trying to reach the sales dept./technical support. Now I'm just impatiently waiting for my computer to arrive!

    So if the Eco 2 is the single 120mm what would you suggest (and yes they are both free, no extra charge it's included)

  3. Either way, I think they'd perform about the same...
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