Help Choosing MoBo Plz

My uses for the computer are mediocre gaming (and I do mean MEDIOCRE nothing intense at all), and video downloading/converting/unzipping and playing 1080P quality video's through my computer onto a tv. I HAVE NO NEED FOR MULTIPLE GRAPHICS CARDS so SLI and Crossfire aren't concerns.

I've decided to go with AMD because from what I've read the AM3 socket is probably going to be around a little longer than the new intel ones and will most likely be able to support 6 cores should I choose to upgrade in the future.

I'm a typical budget builder. I want value, reliability, upgradability.

I don't plan on Overclocking the CPU but that might change

My budget is $1000 but the lower the better without sacrificing too much performance.

I'm pretty much set on the following items:

OS will be either Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate haven't decided yet.

$85 - RAM -
$102 - Case -
$50 - PSU -
$63 - HDD -
$115 - GSU -
$27 - Cooling -
$177 - CPU -

seeing as how I don't need Crossfire or SLI support, what is the best bang for the buck MOBO for me?

The HD 5670 has an HDMI port so it doesn't matter if the MOBO has that I'm guessing

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  1. I would pick this board.
    You will want to change the ram choice to reflect what the motherboard wants to see.
    Always pick the board before you buy the memory.
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