Cpu button had to be pressed a number of times to boot up

It started recently but now i have to press the CPU button several time for the computer to start.DOes this have something to do with my UPS?If not what is my problem,this problem is faced only when i start my computer,after that it works fine.Thanks in advance.
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  1. When did it start? Have you tried plugging your PC into the wall directly? Also try removing cd/dvd drives and leave just the main mobo/gpu and HDD attached to the power. If it starts up right away it may be that you have a bad PSU.
  2. If it just started, I would also suspect your PSU is getting weak or about to quit working.
  3. I think its ur power button prob,My friend has the same,he chand=ged the switch,now all ok!
  4. Might also be that the power button's innards have sunk into the frame a little too far so that proper contact is not being made when tapped,,they are very fragile/cheap after all,you would have to remove the facia and check and some of them are covered/locked in with hot glue which degrades over time with the expected results..
    BTW reset and power buttons are the same,momentary switches..:)
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