4890 who has one? whos overclocked this beast?

hey everyone, just wondering how everyone is getting on with the 4890? i have the xfx 4890 and currently have the core clock at 900mhz and memory running at 1150 mhz, all stable hitting mid 60's under load. after bumping up this small ammount, i noticed over 1000 extra 3d marks, so just wondering how everyone else is getting on with this wicked card?
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  1. Well i dont own one but i heard some people getting 1050mhz on on core and 1200mhz memory with volt mod. Im guessing those are cherry picked though. But usually i hear the cards on avg oc about 950mhz core 1100mhz memory.
  2. cool, unfortunately due to my cpu bottleneck if i oc it any more than this i lose fps :( had it at 950 and 1175 a couple of hours ago and ran tests, was working fine but fps was lower than at 900 and 1150, no problem though, new cpu soon :)
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