ABIT IP35 Pro to ASUS P5E Deluxe. Moderate upgrade or...?


I currently run an ABIT IP35 Pro with an Intel E8500 overclocked to 4GHz. Stable temps on idle or light use between 29 and 34C. Cooling with Air and MX2 paste. My CPU volts are at 1.32. DIMMS are at the recommended stock 2.1, Mushkin brand, and the northbirdge volts are at 1.55.

Just today someone game me an ASUS P5E Deluxe. Would there be any benefit to moving everything to this ASUS board or will stability and OC be about the same plus the extra features on the P5E Deluxe? Upgrade sort of right? Moderate upgrade or would it be worth the hassle of repasting etc.

What would you all suggest?
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  1. Hello :)
    Your current OC is very good and if other things are good too then why change something which is working fine ?
    The main difference between P5E Deluxe and your board is that the ASUS model has X48 chipset which supports CrossFire @ dual 16x mode,so if you don't want to CrossFire then stick with your current board.
  2. That was why I ended up getting it. I was discussing doing crossfire with my duaghter in law's father so he gave it to me since he upgraded to i7. Thing is I won't be doing the crossfire until NVIDIA introduces soemthing competitive to bring the prices down on the ATI video cards. I don't even have my first HD3850 (or HD5830) yet so...

    Yeah that OC is a feat for the IP35 Pro. It's a fine mainboard but it can't do memory profiles. It has 2 fewer USB 2.0 ports ..guess I can wait a while longer until I at least have my first Crossfire card.

    Thank you, I just hate to mess with that processor and the paste etc! Looks like I have some time, yes, the OC shouldn't be any better on the ASUS.
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