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Asus slow boot possibly usb keyboard

Last response: in Motherboards
January 26, 2010 4:31:31 AM

Recently my newly built computer has been hanging at boot right after checking the memory. I have an Asus m4n72-e. After a minute of hanging it detects the usb keyboard and usb mouse and its smooth sailing quick as hell doing everything else and getting onto windows after that. The only other device/driver recently installed was the nvidia sterescopic 3d. Other than that the drivers have not been far as I am aware anyway :)  What could be causing this hang as its (im assuming) finding the usb keyboard and mouse? I have been ignoring it for two weeks, but its getting to me now. I have not been able to find any solutions so far, this computer used to boot quick as hell. Any ideas?
January 28, 2010 1:53:37 PM

Alright, I solved the problem. I am also having some weird issue with my grahpics card...well along the line of re-installing the drivers for my gtx 275 it seems to have fixed itself. It always gets rid of the Nvidia chipset driver too though when it takes out the old Nvidia card drivers. I'm probably just doing it wrong. Either way, Problem on to the graphics card.
February 23, 2010 5:06:41 AM

I am having the EXACT same problem with a slow boot right after checking memory. Like yours mine hangs for about a minute then detects the usb keyboard and mouse. After that it is pretty quick just like yours. So how did you fix it?

FYI I have the M4n78 pro
February 24, 2010 11:54:10 PM

Yeah, false alarm. It actually came back after I recovered Windows. It must have been a fluke or something that it went away... I'm all for doing home builds, but really...I have had SO many problems. The slow boot up is just killing me now. I even tried a bios update, all that did was make my 3.4ghz OC on my 720BE unstable at stock voltages...big help there. Considering it started after installing my wireless mouse....yeah. I love my new mouse though, so ill deal with the slower boot. Ill just go to get a drink or something. However, now windows is getting a bit laggy at startup. So frustrating. Between the slow boot, graphics card issues, nvidia stereo 3d problems, laggy windows, and a bios that made my OC unstable....I am really wishing I would have just bought a pre fab computer from some company, at least then THEY would have had to fix it for me.

My next day off I'm formatting the hard drive and re-installing windows. Time to go nuclear on many of my problems.