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i recently tried my hand at overclocking; all went well I clocked the processor from 3.2 to 3.6 as a start and run the stress tests which came back fine. max temp was 56 degrees. However it did blue screen once every other day randomly and that was the only problem. ive since noticed that the pc has reset itself to factory settings. is it possible that the mobo detected a problem and restored settings or is it a power shortage?

amd phenom x4 955 be
corsair 4ghz ram
asus gtx 560 ti
mid range 550 watt psu

thanks, Mark
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  1. Hard to say what were your settings in BIOS? I always buy the best PSU that I can afford...80+ Gold cert. at the minimum for me....I will need your settings to be able to help you further your OC
  2. I've had my BIOS reset itself after random crashes through the years. good idea to save OC profiles in the BIOS if possible. see if it turns into a reoccurring problem.
    definitely need to see what your settings are for everything before you can get any good advice. list your settings for cpu, nb, ht, ram, and all voltages.
    my phenom 955 ran great @ 3.5GHz with 1.35v. after 3.5GHz I had to start upping the voltage slightly.
  3. Oc upto 3.4. Check out the results.

    Make sure that your chipset/graphic drivers are upto date.
  4. Quote:
    how do you consider 80plus gold cert the minimum of certified psus to buy....

    like saying "I don't drive cars often but when I do I buy Gold plated diamond studded ferraris at minimum"

    Any 80 plus certified psu with a higher enough wattage/amp = more than fine for ocing.

    All you need to make sure is you have enough headroom..

    I could go around and recommend everyone just buy Seasonic Gold psus but those aren't cost efficient and I can pull the same performance for cheaper more affordable brands with nearly the same rating :/

    So say if I wanted to oc my dual 6950's and my cpu and still power the rest of my system, I would buy a 850W psu with 80 plus certified (doesn't matter what quality of cert) and I am good to go. Unless the psu is total trash, I won't see a single issue for the next 4 years = quality winning while still saving money for a better gpu/cpu/case/hdd/ssd/ram/etc

    I said me didn't I.....not compare buying an 80+ gold cert power supply to a diamond studded ferrari your funny :lol: .....IMO...I feel that the PSU is the most vital part of the I said my opinion....Hell next I am getting an 80+ platinum cert..What do you compare that to a diamond encrusted platinum Bugatti Veyron....Final thought to the OP buy the best PSU you can afford, don't chinch on the PSU
  5. i have to agree with lowjack on this one, psu quality = OC quality/experience. Just because a psu can "handle" what you are running through it, doesn't mean it will run as smoothly or as efficiently. I'd rather spend an extra $20-$40 on a good psu, and save $5-$10 every month over the next 3-7 years, then have bought a lower grade model psu. In money terms...this could add up to buying your next kick-ass psu for your next build. and believe me, 80 Plus to 80 Plus Gold is a huge difference in your energy bill depending on wattage used. just $5 a month over 5 years is equal to $300 saved. thats a pretty good bank in my mind!

    Back on topic. Every chip is the same...FALSE. Read up on the forums, and learn your min/max settings for important settings like chip temp., voltage, and ram settings. These 3 things in my experience will give you more headaches like bsod or fried chips than any other. Meaning, if you keep these in their ranges, you can pretty much tinker and tinker until you get sick of it without permanent damage to your chip. It takes a lot of time, and some patience, but do your homework. I recommend lowjack, Saint19, and 4RYAN9 as great people to help you out. Thanks to them, i am 3rd for my chip in the AMD club running on air cooling. I did my homework, and it paid off!
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