Upcomin AMD DirectX 11 graphivs card...

im thinking about building new gaming rig, but now im not sure if its the right timing...
little help?

any idea on the possible pricing or any other info on the card would be great...

thnx 4 ur input...
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  1. the top single GPU 58xx card should be about $250 at release, with either 1200 or 1600 shaders and a clockspeed anywhere from 900MHz to 1.2GHz, it probably has GDDR5 memory as well.
  2. Wait til tommorrow, as theres likely to be more leaks of info by then.
    It is a great time to build, as theyre just around the corner.
    As to pricing, no one knows
    The info is just now going out to reviewers, so more will be known shortly
  3. ^ nope, they're already in the hands of reviewers.

    Bingo13 on XS has one at the moment.
  4. Im refering to a wider/better source
    Hes had one for awhile, now everyone has the info kits
  5. News should slowly trickle out leading up to the rumored 24th of Sept launch. I'd expect them to be inline with your typical launch cards but specifics aren't being waved around yet.
  6. "AMD's performance segment will be the new flagship Radeon HD 5870 model for $ 299 were pronounced 'lık contrast to the price information for the Radeon HD 5850 is yet to pronounce any price information, even if there is the Radeon HD 4870 and 4850 models, pricing for the following when considering the RV870 Pro GPU 'water will be powered from the Radeon HD 5850 model at $ 249' lık overseas sales price to have to come up, but sales, especially in terms of number of AMD-ATI's main weapons are expected to be the Radeon HD 5850 model so far for any price, especially pronounced let's not specify. "


    If these rumored prices are true, theres no reason NOT to buy one
  7. Id wait, you can always get into the wig making business to offset costs, and its legal too
  8. is that about the same as the 4850/4870 @ release JDJ
  9. Carbon copy.
    Whats interesting is, on other forums people are again discounting the 5xxx series perf, saying that with this pricing, it cant be much.
    I'll comment here, that this was the same response when the 4xxx series arrived, but people were just conditioned to nVidia outragious pricing.
    Its also the saem, or close as the 3xxx series was, and the rumored perf on the 5xxx series seems to be a bit higher than the 3xxx vs 4xxx jump was
    So, its very possible, as ATI was after marketshare last time, which theyve gained, but couldnt quite shake off the G92 series in lower end market slots
    This time around, there wont be any, at least until nVidia releases a 40nm G200 alternative, which wont have the cheaper advantages of the G92s, and will make it very hard for nVidia to compete in the overall price perf game
  10. To the OP,

    What is your Goal?

    If it is to have a budget gaming machine I would say buy now. The selection and prices have never been better.

    If your goal is to have a real firebreather with the latest cutting edge technology then I would say wait for the DX11 cards to come out.

    But then again it never hurts to wait. I think we are like T-minus 20 days and counting to the release of ATI's DX 11 cards which I can only assume will be the HD58XX series.
  11. If you didn't get in on some of the good sales on DX10 cards already then you may as well just wait a bit to see what DX11 cards bring.
  12. Waiting can't hurt.

    You will not only be able to compare the performance of the new to the old, but the price of old should drop.
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